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Entering adulthood can seem sort of overwhelming. Although it's awesome in a lot of ways (You can eat ice cream for dinner! You can go places on your own! You can get real jobs that make you actual money to do cool stuff with!), it's also a little daunting. College definitely helps with the transition, but there's no major in adulthood. There's no class that teaches you how to function as a real-life, grown-up human being.

Our story is a classic tale of 'girls go to school that randomly assigns freshman roommates, girls end up living across the hall from each other, girls bond over their hatred of dining hall food and love of high school musical'. As college juniors, we're now older, wiser, and ready-er (?) to conquer the world, so we decided to start a blog. This blog is the intro course to life that everyone needs (but no one offers). Here we share crash courses in adult stuff, personal stories (whether they end in victory or defeat), recipes, DIYs, travel guides, and more. Think of us as your slightly awkward but well-intentioned older cousin who occasionally has some actually decent advice and is always down for eating ice cream over an existential crisis at 3 in the morning. But first, we should proooobably finish those papers that are due in like 10 minutes
*If you're looking for a post by author, you can search the blog by our name. Posts from both of us are under 'Yas & Lex'.
I'm Yasi, a Los Angeles native (west coast best coast) with a penchant for old French music and tea. 
When I'm not stuDYING in the quietest corners of the library (#doublemajorprobs), you can find me perusing food blogs, planning unnecessarily extravagant trips that I won't be taking in the near future, or acting like a stereotypical sorority girl. My likes include netflix, online shopping, shopping in real life, matching pajama sets, iced coffee, spending hours on pinterest, my bed, lattes, Gilmore Girls, writing letters, gnomes, my dog, insane exercise classes (seriously, the more ridiculous/stupid people think it sounds the better), kale, befriending professors that no one else seems to like, throwing surprise parties, pillows, and old books.
I'm Lexi. I'm from South Florida, but I spend a significant amount of my time in New York City (I'm a city girl at heart).
I'm a professional procrastinator, meaning you can find me watching a random Netflix documentary when I'm supposed to be studying for a test that is tomorrow (somehow I still pull through...who knows how?). I'm a huge foodie and literally spend my days planning my next meal. I'm obsessed with pasta, sushi, and baked goods. When I'm not eating, I love to watch movies and tv shows (I'm a film minor). I know almost everything about the movie Titanic and I'm still in love with 1997 Leo DiCaprio. Another passion of mine is traveling, and my number one goal in life is to travel the world. I enjoy going on bike rides and runs to relieve stress. Other likes include chai tea lattes, pretty stationary, home decor from Anthropologie, spending time with my family, snuggling with my friends, playing with my dog, baking, singing in the shower, reading good YA novels, and sleeping (a lot).

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