Thursday, February 11, 2016

7 Ways to Spend Galentine's Day (because Valentine's Day is so overrated)

We all know what February 14th means- last minute flower purchases, gifts of cheesy teddy bears and fully booked Italian restaurants for the next 50 miles. This year, V-Day happens to be on a Sunday, which only means one thing if you're a college student: H&R Day (homework & recovery #rage). Instead of going out when you really need to finish that entire paper you've been putting off or spending Valentine's on an awkward date, celebrate Galentine's Day on February 13th with your best friends! If you need a little inspiration, here are some fun things you can do together:

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1. Take each other out on a date.
This year, we're headed to a cute new Italian place for dinner and then going to see How to be Single and I can guarantee it'll be way more fun than dancing in a frat basement where there are pledges dressed like baby cupid. Plus, let's be real, your friends are way better at planning dates than boys so this will be more fun.

2. Hold a 'Secret Cupid' gift exchange.
Whether you all exchange weird stuff you found on etsy that has to do with an inside joke or you get your bestie that Alex + Ani bracelet she's been eyeing, everyone's guaranteed to have fun with this.

3. Stay in and have a pamper evening.
Make a Sephora run and pick up face masks, nail polish, and whatever you need to have a DIY spa night (this mask is a personal favorite of ours).

4. Make some old-school valentines.
Dig out an old shoe box, cut a hole in the top, break out the construction paper and make your friends valentines! Your Kindergarten teacher had it right- coloring is the best.

5. Have a dessert party.
Just because you're not on a date doesn't mean you shouldn't be getting chocolate. After all, if this holiday isn't about putting yourself into a sugar coma that what is it about? Try a personal favorite, this classic icebox cake, or get creative with freezer fudge, popsicles, and mug cakes (or bake in a real oven if you're feeling fancy).

6. Share the love with your community.
If you're feeling the warm and fuzzies, try volunteering in the community! Read stories to kids in the hospital, decorate cookies with people living in a local homeless shelter, or cuddle up to some pups at the humane society.

7. Plan a day trip.
Chances are, there's some great hiking spot, cool museum, or cute town near you that you keep meaning to visit. Take a day off with your friends to get out and explore, try new restaurants, stop in cute boutiques, roam around art galleries and see something new!

Hope your Galentine's Day is as great as ours will be!
Yasi "Just need to get through an exam and a project first"

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