Thursday, December 3, 2015

Finals Week, as told by Gilmore Girls

YOU’VE MADE IT! IT’S LDOC! You’re overjoyed and decide to go out. Since it’s your last time going out for the year, you really go all out.

But while you’re at a party, the reality sets in. You have so much to do. You end up standing in a corner freaking out while that poor boy from your History class tries complimenting you to make you feel better while you’re just like
You call your mom for reassurance and she’s like Armed with your mother’s wisdom, you march out of that party and go straight to your room, where you promptly crawl into bed to cry to yourself

In the morning, you literally leap out of bed, ready to conquer the day. You go up to the counter at Starbucks for the 100000000th time this week like

Coffee in hand, you gear up for hard-core study time. That annoying kid from your least favorite class comes up to talk but you’re having none of it

You just decide it’s best to relocate to the particularly terrifying silent floor of the library because you’re just feeling like this and it’s for the best

By hour 6 you call your best friend like

She tells you you need to sleep

But you just argue back like

At this point you have a complete meltdown. You can’t do it! There’s just too much information and too few hours in a day! You have a good venting session, possibly yell and cry, take a nap (because you’re worn out from ranting), and then head back to the library.

After a long night of studying, you head to Starbucks. It’s closed, which is APPALLING. After all,

You are forced to go to your final coffee-less. Your annoyingly chipper classmate asks how you’re doing and you’re just like

You push through (barely), and your friends decide to go out to a celebratory dinner before you all head home. This is basically impossible for you.
As soon as you get to the restaurant, though, you’re like
You realize that you actually haven’t eaten any real food in days, so you throw caution to the wind and turn to the waiter like

And when you finally get back you and your friends mutually decide that this is the only acceptable thing to do because you’ve finally made it!

Good luck to all my peeps taking exams! Lots of love from me and the Gilmore girls. 
xoxo, Kate “SERIOUSLY why am I doing this instead of being productive”