Monday, October 5, 2015

Fall Beauty Favorites

Hello lovelies,

As much as I love the cooler temperatures and the cozy sweaters that come with them, the change in season means a complete overhaul on my everyday beauty routine. I barely wear makeup in the summer because I feel like it just melts off my face anyway, but fall brings a new challenge- dry skin and flaky makeup. Here are my 6 top picks for the perfect, everyday fall beauty routine.

 1. AmorePacific Enzyme Peel
Dry skin means two things: flaky makeup and clogged pores. With skin that's already sensitive from the wind and the cold, traditional scrubs can just make the situation worse. I've been obsessed with this peel since I tried it in Sephora at the beginning of the summer. It does an amazing job at exfoliating without being as harsh on your skin.

2. Eminence Organics Clear Skin Probiotic Moisturizer
I have suuuuper dry skin and tend to have normal breakouts which are exacerbated by the dry skin, but I've had a hard time finding a moisturizer that keeps my skin hydrated without clogging my pores more. When I'm in LA, I go to FaceHaus in Studio city regularly for facials, and my esthetician there introduced me to this moisturizer- total game changer. It smells amazing, really hydrates my skin, and has a probiotic to help control breakouts and balance my skin's bacteria. (bonus: it's all natural/organic!)

3. Clinique Chubby Stick Contour/Highlight
I hate the feeling of heavy makeup on my face, but once the glow of summer starts to fade I feel a washed out. These chubby sticks are perfect for adding a super subtle contour that adds a little dimension to your face without feeling heavy, requiring a lot of time or makeup expertise, or completely altering the way you look.

4. Tarte Cheek Stain in Glisten
Oh. My. God. This is hands down my favorite beauty product in my bag and has been since July which is saying a lot- I tend switch beauty products faster than I finish seasons of Gilmore Girls on netflix. Although it's officially a cheek stain, this is sort of an all-in-one. Dab a little on your cheeks and blend for a 'just got in from the cold' glow, then use your finger to apply as highlighter on your cheekbones and even as a base eyeshadow color (bonus: it makes the eyeshadows you layer on top last longer).

5. Lancome Hypnose Custom Volume Mascara
I've tried a lot of mascaras, and as much as I love the Maybelline's Great Lash and Benefit's Bad Gal, this stuff takes the cake. Admittedly I have pretty long lashes on my own, but this legitimately makes me look like I'm wearing falsies. Since I hate having a complicated makeup routine, this is great- with a few swoops of this mascara and some lip color, I feel like I'm ready to go.

6. Clinique Chubby Stick in Broadest Berry
Can you tell I'm a fan of chubby sticks? They're just so convenient and come in great colors so I can't help it. They have darling brights for spring and summer, but this berry shade is perfect for fall. They're also moisturizing and you can build as much or as little coverage as you want, making it perfect for anything for a quick run to the grocery store to your best friend's annual autumn party (which I really hope is a thing someone's best friend does).

Yasi "This might have lead to me adding $800 worth of products to my Sephora basket"

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