Wednesday, August 19, 2015

do's and don'ts of back to college shopping

For many, the much-anticipated, possibly dreaded college move in day is right around the corner. I remember my own first move in day so distinctly- walking around campus 10 times trying to figure out where I was, making a million target runs because I kept realizing I needed more things, spending hours trying to find the best arrangement of the furniture. 

With two move-in days (and two move-out days) under my belt, I've got the hang of things. Here are some of my must-haves for college freshman. Here's my advice:

DO invest in your bed. With little to no extra space in which to have chairs/beanbags, your bed won't just be where you sleep- it'll be where you do homework, watch movies, eat dinner, hang out with friends, and about a million other things. Make a headboard! get multiple sheet sets, a nice mattress pad, a throw blanket and some extra pillows to make that twin xl as cozy as possible. 

DO loft your bed. Some beds have the option built in, some need risers, but do it regardless because you will need that space for storage. 

DO get a hamper that looks cute, has handles, and is washable. If you think you're actually going to separate your colors before getting to the laundry room and fold everything in a separate basket like your mom does at home you're kidding yourself. If you're like me, you might even have to carry that laundry down 4 flights of stairs to get to the laundry room so make it practical. 

DO order command hooks in bulk!!! You'll use them for everything. Literally everything.

DO keep your wall decor sophisticated. Get a cool tapestry, some fun prints, or use inexpensive frames to create a gallery wall. Cinder blocks are ugly and wall decor that reminds you of something you'd actually have at home will make it feel more, well, home-y.

DO clean your room. It will be disgusting. There will be weird spots on the floor and you won't even know where they came from. As John Lennon once said,"When I find myself in times of trouble, Swiffer WetJet comes to me."

DON'T leave all your toiletries in the bathroom. Your shampoo will disappear at an alarmingly fast rate and on those days when you oversleep and everyone is in the bathroom, it'll be a nightmare trying to get your stuff. Keep it in a caddy in your room so you can get ready at your desk in the morning and just take it to the bathroom for showers. 

DON'T underestimate how many outlets you'll need. It's all fun and games until you have 327 loose plugs and nowhere to put them. Powerstrips & surge protectors may be outlawed by your dorm and, not that I'm advocating breaking the rules, but you can hide them during inspections. 

DON'T plan everything out before you get there! The school provided information is deceiving because you will arrive and find that there is no good way to arrange your furniture, your closet door can't open up all the way without hitting your bed, your fridge has to sit on top of your desk, and you and your roommate are constantly elbowing each other. Stick with the basics (see below) and wait for the rest until you see what you have to work with. 

Good luck to all of you moving in! Hopefully this advice makes moving in a little easier. 

Yasi "No move in for me =) =)"

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