Monday, August 17, 2015

A bit of summertime diy-ing (and some shameless self promotion)

Hey biddies!
I don’t even know what it is about summer but I’m somehow both insanely busy and have nothing to do (hence the absence from the blog- never enough time to sit down and write a post or take photos).
Aaaanyway, I’ve been seeing these adorable bracelets around recently that are super colorful and made with these oversized beads. I managed to down the local artisan who was making them (after creepily asking a random girl at a coffee shop who was clearly terrified of me) only to find out they were going for $30 a piece. Sorry, but I'm a college student and nobody is dropping $30 on a beaded bracelet. I decided I'd invest some time instead to making one myself and was pretty happy with how it turned out! I made one for my mom too and after getting some compliments I decided to open an etsy shop.

Here it is! And I promise to be better about the blogging in the next few weeks. We’ve actually got some really exciting announcements coming up, so stay tuned.
Yasi “My 14 year old brother refused to model for the photos so they’re just eh”

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