Friday, July 24, 2015

'Trainwreck': Your typical romcom with your not-so-typical humor

Trainwreck opened last weekend, racking in more than $30 million- which is a feat for most R rated movies, especially comedies.

*Contains minimal spoilers*

Tranwreck, directed by the ever-so-amazing Judd Apatow,  stars Amy Schumer and Bill Hader, plus a billion cameos by various SNL cast members and many sport stars. Schumer and Hader undoubtedly shine on screen. Their humor is effortless and their chemistry is undeniable.

Being a romcom lover, I didn't mind how the storyline fit the basic mold: Girl says she will never find love, girl finds love, girl questions this decision which causes conflict, girl confesses love at end. The reason this mold worked so well in this movie is because the movie is filled with atypical characters, and original dialogue and jokes.

Firstly, Hader's character isn't your typical Romcom guy- thank god. He's grounded, mature, and has many emotions. Funny, because this is usually the description of the main female lead. Schumer's character is quite opposite. She's a partier, immature, afraid of commitment, and tries hard to hide her feelings- she's a Trainwreck (get it?). Something that makes this movie great is that there are no gender roles, and it feels completely natural (cause that's what real life is like). As seen in the trailer, Hader's character calls her the NEXT day and the girls think that something is seriously wrong with him. As a Buzzfeed article so amazingly pointed out, Schumer's character doesn't change who she is for a man, but changes for herself. This is a new beginning for the romantic comedies that the world is so used to.

Let's not forget Schumer's comedic talents. Haven written the script, every time you laugh, you can thank her. She clearly has an extremely dirty mind, but all of her jokes and off-colored comments are relatable to the truest sense. Plus, for every totally outrageous moment in the movie, there is a serious/ emotional scene to balance it out. This isn't just a movie that has pointless humor, it is a movie about family and love, and it has a real point. The character's aren't just there to make you laugh, they are representative of true people.

Lastly, let's not forget Daniel Radcliffe's infamous role of the Dog Walker. Who else remembers this picture that went viral over a year ago? Yep, it was for this movie.

Love your movie lover,

*Pictures are not mine- courtesy of Universal