Thursday, July 16, 2015

Chobani Flips #BreakYouMake

As college students, it goes without saying that we're super busy. Just finding the time to sit down and have a meal is hard, so sometimes taking breaks for the sake of our health is out of the question (cough cough finals). Sometimes you need someone (or something) else to remind you to take a break, and Chobani Flips are the perfect way to do that! We both love Chobani because they provide delicious snacks that keep us healthy and energized, plus their new flips are so delicious. There's a flavor to match any personality or mood. Plus, they satisfy your sweet tooth and the protein fills you up! When Chobani asked us to nominate someone for a #breakyoumake, we were happy to participate.

My #breakyoumake nomination goes to Yasi. Yasi seriously deserves a break. She is very actively involved on campus, being on the executive boards of many clubs. As a double major in Business and Spanish, she is always studying and gives 110% on everything she does. Not only that, but she provides for herself. She has been working since 15, making her own money to purchase her own luxuries. Nothing is handed to her, and that makes for a very smart, independent person. With all of this, she still somehow has time to do DIY projects, bake gourmet goods, create dorm room recipes + so much more. Something we have in common is the overwhelming amount of pressure from our parents to succeed. Doing this, while trying to find yourself and make yourself happy, is a difficult task. Sometimes in life we just need a breather, and as Yasi is about to start her junior year, she seriously deserves a break. 

Love, Lexi 

Without a doubt, Lex gets my nomination for a #breakyoumake. Lexi totally commits to everything she does, even when she's got a million other things on her plate. She's totally fearless in going after her passions- our school may not be known for their film program, but Lexi knew that she loved film and has found ways to pursue her dream of having a career in the media industry by getting a job at an independent movie theater and getting involved with the Communications department.Lexi is one of the most self-aware, level-headed people I know and she's always the voice of reason in our suite. Despite the fact that she's a busy student/future filmmaker/feminist, she's always there for her friends and family. Lex is always taking care of everyone else, so this time I think she gets to take a well-deserved break!