Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Lexi's Quick Trip to Montreal Travel Guide

On June 20th, my cousin got married at a beautiful resort in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire. Being so close to the US/Canadian border, my family decided we would extend our vacation and go to Montreal. None of us had been there, and we only had 2 full days to discover the city. We loved it. You get the European feel (everything is in French) with the Canadian hospitality. Here is a list of what to see if you only have a couple days to explore Montreal.

1. Rue Saint Catherine: The Shopping Street

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This street has every store that one could want. I wish streets like this existed everywhere!

2. Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

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On a rainy day, check out the Museum of Fine Arts. It's in a great central location and in a beautiful building. 

3. Old Town Montreal 

Old Town is an absolute must-see. It is filled with history and you have yourself thinking that you're in a historic town in France. From the cobblestone streets, and the boutique shops, it is full of charm. 

4.  Parc du Mont-Royal

Another absolute must-see. It is the central park of Montreal, but it is up on a hill and overlooks the whole city. It is incredible. If walking, be prepared to hike. There are many steep stairs and hills to get to the top - but - it is a great workout that ends with great views.  

5. A Bonus: The Restaurants, Bars, & Nightlife 

Montreal is known for their amazing restaurants. I went to a new and extremely trendy restaurant, named Jatoba, for my 20th birthday. I highly recommend this restaurant, as do many celebrities, as their Japanese cuisine is one-of-a-kind and to die for. Of course, there are many delicious French Bistros to check out. Another thing about Montreal is that the drinking age is 18. You can either take advantage of this or keep it classy and live your life, for a few days, as a sophisticated adult who sips on Cosmo's after shopping (that's what I did) if you aren't 21 yet.  

Overall, Montreal is a great city, and you can see a lot if you just have a few days to explore. Make sure to stay in a centrally located hotel- there are many great options! 

If anyone else has been to Montreal, please comment below with your experiences/ anything places or things to do that you recommend! 

Xo, Lexi "I'm already planning my next trip back" 

*All pictures are mine unless otherwise stated* 

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