Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Carolina Cup: Or, a Weekend of Lilly, Pearls, and Southern Hospitality

Well hey, y’all!
If you haven’t already picked up on this, Lexi and I go to school in the South. This means there are a number of traditions that are totally accepted as normal at our school but seem bizarre to anyone else. Tailgating is practically a religion and involves a LOT of sundresses, bowties, and cowboy boots. We shag in the Spring (which, as it turns out, is a type of dance), spend months painting coolers for our formal dates, and spend one glorious day each year in Camden, South Carolina dancing on elevated surfaces in floppy hats and pastel florals watching horses.
Why? The Carolina Cup, or a massive tailgate attended by every big school in the Carolinas, Virginia, and even Florida. I’m told it’s also a horse race.
My Saturday started at 5 am when I had to get up to do hair, put on my pearls, and board the bus for the 4 hour drive to SC. I’m still exhausted, but it was so much fun. Without further adieu, here is a glimpse of the Carolina Cup:
my little my little
Me n my little #srat
shoutout to lambda for providing a killer throwback playlist
LXA had a killer throwback playlist so we were really happy can you tell?
In all my Lilly-clad, pearl-wearing, sweater-over-the-shoulders glory
AND my best friend from home came to visit!
Took a picture w this kid solely because his tie matched my dress.
If you ever get the chance to participate in something like this, do it- it’s one of those events that you’ll remember forever, even if it seems insane. I’ll be hitting starbucks approximately 70 times today and plan on taking a nap right after this, but this weekend was totally worth it.
Yasi “all I ate on saturday was biscuits from bojangles and chipotle”

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