Sunday, June 28, 2015


While some people dread Sundays, they've always been my favorite day of the week. I usually try to get things I have to get done out of the way on Saturday night so on Sunday I wake up to a clean room, clean clothes, and an open schedule.

Sometimes life gets in the way- I'll have work or school or meetings or whatever that I have to deal with and Sunday gets busy for whatever reason. That's why when I do have a free day, I really try to capitalize on #SundayFunday and enjoy my free time. Below are some of my personal favorite activities, along with suggestions for any of you in the Los Angeles area. Enjoy!

1. Get sweatin'
     Yes, I actually enjoy (most) forms of exercise. I love getting up on Sunday and taking my dog for
     a walk, hiking on a new trail, playing tennis with my mom, gardening, spinning, whatever. 
     Exercise in any form actually makes you happier and more productive, so it's the perfect way to 
     beat the Sunday blues. 
     My LA favs: Runyon Canyon, Griffith Park, Rose Bowl Loop, SoulCycle

2. Brunch
     I'm using it as a verb here because I don't just mean 'eat a meal during the hours between 
     breakfast and lunch', I mean 'get a group of friends and family together, sit down, put the phones 
     away, and share a meal together during the hours between breakfast and lunch'. 
     My LA favs: Little Dom's, Bottega Louie, Republique, Huckleberry, Lincoln, Sqirl

3. See something new
     Go to a museum or an art gallery, go to a concert, see a movie, see a play, support the local high 
     school marching band, visit the world's largest ball of twine because it happens to be just 45 
     minutes from your house. It doesn't matter what you're seeing, just find something new and go. 
     My LA favs: Norton Simon, Getty Villa, Galerie Michael, Reagan Library (a little further out but 
     worth a trip)

4. Take on a project
     Always wanted an herb garden? Been needing some new wall decor? Dying to change the wall 
     color in your bathroom? Just do it! Go online or go to a store and talk to some experts to see what 
     the project will entail and get cracking. Just a tip- it's best to choose a project that will take 8 hours 
     or less.

5. Enjoy nature
     Seriously, it's free and probably won't be there that much longer #climate change for you to enjoy
     so why not take advantage of it? Go to a local park (or a nearby National Park), take a hike, go to
     the beach, spend a day on the lake. If walking around in nature isn't really your thing, try a specific
     nature experience like visiting botanical gardens, going on guided horseback ride, or whitewater
     My LA favs: Zuma beach, Huntington Gardens, day trips to Sequoia National Park or Santa 

6. Shop local
     Sunday is a huge day for farmers' markets and flea markets, plus there are probably local vendors 
     with shops near you that you've never heard of before. Take some time to explore the shop of a 
     glassblower a couple blocks away or stop in a cool, independent record store. Since you're not in a 
     time crunch, step away from your usual haunts and just wander around some new shops.
     My LA favs: Rose Bowl flea market (seriously the best in LA), Nonna, Letters from LA

Let us know how you spend your Sunday by tagging us or using #PJdoesSunday!

Yasi "I have done approximately 5 of the things on this list today alone #productivity"

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