Thursday, June 25, 2015

Splurge, Save, Steal: Wardrobe Essentials

We’re starting a new post series! Splurge, save, steal is going to highlight 5 items (could be anything from clothes to books to household appliances) and we’ll give you 3 options for each: a splurge, a save, and a steal. This edition includes the 5 essential pieces we think every girl should have in her arsenal.
1. The everyday dress
What it’s good for: Waking up too late to choose an outfit,
hungover brunch, sunny days, literally anything
What to look for: Clean, simple structure- shift or a-line dresses. Neutral tones, simple pattern or patternless, breathable/non-restrictive fabric. Machine washable.
Splurge     Save     Steal
2. The classic tee
What it’s good for: Lazy weekends, tied over a dress, layered with jackets/blazers/sweaters
What to look for: Mid-weight material, colors that work well with your wardrobe, soft fabric, a simple pattern.
Splurge     Save     Steal
3. The ballet flat
What it’s good for: Anything and everything, any time, everywhere.
What to look for: Comfort, durable material, classic silhouette. Comfort. Timeless color (read: black). And comfort.
Splurge     Save     Steal
4. The live-in jeans
What it’s good for: Layered with an oversized sweater and booties for winter lunches. With a blazer and blouse for casual meetings. With a tailored sweater, pearls, and riding boots for looking like an asshole. What aren’t they good for, really?
What to look for: Dark wash, mid-rise, skinny or straight cut. Hits at ankle. Tailored.
Splurge     Save     Steal
5. The go-to dress
What it’s good for: Interviews, nice dinners, cocktail parties, events you were invited to by a professor, potential employer, etc. Family events, formal chapter. Every single time you have an event and think ‘everything I have is either too dressy or too casual. You’ll wear this a lot.
What to look for: Solid color, probably dark, maybe a contrast piping. Simple fabric without weird textures that doesn’t wrinkle easily. Appropriate hem length for interviews (although you don’t have to look like a nun- if you like above-the-knee, go for it). Nicely tailored, comfortable.
Splurge     Save     Steal
What about you? Are there any items in your wardrobe that you can’t live without?
Yasi “Is it acceptable that I already want to eat again?”

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