Thursday, June 18, 2015

Kate's First Hello!

In the interest of full disclosure, I’ll just say it- I’m here for mostly selfish reasons. As a current college sophomore who recently declared a major, I’ve been having some crises and needed a project to make myself feel slightly less insignificant. This blog came about pretty organically out of my recent meltdowns as I came to realize that one of my biggest problems going into college was the lack of straight talk. Everyone tells you to remember shower shoes, watch out for the freshman fifteen, etc., but it seems like post-grads (or as I like to call them, ‘real people’) quickly forget the ups and downs of being an 18-22 year old.
I’ve never heard anyone say that sometimes they just wanted to pack up and go home and stay a kid forever, or that this whole thing is scary. No one mentioned the panic that sets in when you realize that your twenties are your ‘prime’ and you’re already there. What I needed going into college was someone who was upfront with me, and I didn’t get that. For a long time I handled by stress by keeping it bottled up and acting like I had it ‘together’- double major in Spanish and Business, pre-law, serving on two executive boards, internships every summer, blah blah blah. One of my professors told me that I “always seemed so together” and I couldn’t take it as a compliment. That statement actually scared me- I felt like I was drowning and couldn’t say anything because no one would understand why. Then I look I look around and see other kids who are going out and conquering the world when they’re, like, 5 years old and panic even more because what am I doing with my life??
Yeah, in the grand scheme of life this seems pretty trivial- I totally recognize that I’m still a privileged white girl at a well-known college. That’s why I assumed I was completely alone in my concerns and felt like they weren’t ‘important’ enough to warrant any attention- after all, there are kids starving literally within 10 minutes of my university. One day Taylor and I were talking, though, and realized that a) we were worried about a lot of the same things and b) we were both worried that our problems were too trivial to talk about.
BOOM. It hit us. A blog by, for, and of the college-aged-and-twenty-somethings that talks about all the crazy problems and fears we have.
Keeping your stress and anxiety internalized isn’t healthy, which is why Taylor is an actual lifesaver and why we’re doing this whole blog thing. We’re going to complain with you, give advice to you, and tell your stories- essentially, we want to be your friend. Hell, we want to be your East High student body** and tell you that we’re all in this together.
Maybe that was a too much for a first post, but hey, isn’t that the point of this little experiment?
Yasi “I’m eating cinnamon chex out of the box for dinner tonight”
**In reference to High School Musical, but I hope you got that without prompting.

***Disclaimer: This was originally published on our original blog, Off Campus 101, in March. We're finding that switching platforms/names is in the best interest of this project, so we'll be slowly transitioning over here. Also I'm not still eating cinnamon chex.

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