Monday, June 22, 2015

Everyday Dorm Lifesavers

I got this really cute card in the mail from a friend today and decided to hang it on my wall, only to realize I was out of clothespins. In my room, this is a disaster. I use clothespins for almost everything- hanging photos, hanging lights, organizing necklaces, keeping bags of cereal/chips closed- with a strip of mounting tape on the back they’re more useful than command hooks. The minor panic attack I had over the clothespins got me thinking about the items in my dorm room that I simply cannot live without. Without further adieu:
Everyday Dorm Lifesavers
Vitamins // Pinch Provisions // Downy Wrinkle Releaser                                                Mounting Tape // Clothespins

There you go- my suggestions for things to keep in your dorm. Comment with your everyday must-haves!
Yasi “It’s been 11 years since the Princess Diaries 2 came out so I’ll leave you with that”

**Note, this was originally posted in March. I've since found out that there is going to be a third Princess Diaries. #blessed

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