Friday, June 19, 2015

Dorm Room DIY

Ok biddies,
It’s FINALLY spring break (praise), which means I actually have time to write again after the hell that was midterms. I will be spending spring break in my bed with some books, tea, and new tv shows to binge watch. Since maybe some of you are like me and not doing anything  particularly ~college~ this spring break, here’s a fun/quick/cheap/easy diy project to make your room a little more cozy.
Yasi “Took a nap 45 minutes after I got up this morning”
** Update: This was originally posted during spring break. I did not take a nap today, although tbh I wish that statement was still true. 
Things you’ll need:
Box Cutter
Duct Tape
Batting/Foam mattress pad if ya wanna get really fancy (you'll also need spray adhesive if you're using it)    
Mounting Tape                                                                                                           
And the play by play:
1. Decide what shape you want your headboard to be- I just googled ‘upholstered headboards’ and found one I liked.
2. Cut the shape out from your cardboard. If you’re on top of things, you might sketch it out on some paper before cutting. Because I am impatient, I just took a box cutter to the cardboard and it happened to work out. However, I wouldn’t recommend that method unless you’re very skilled with box cutters.
3. Cover the cardboard with batting and secure it to the back with duct tape.
4. Wash and iron your fabric, then use it to cover your batting. Pull it as tight as possible and staple to the back of the cardboard.
5. Cut away excess scraps and cover the back with long strips of mounting tape.
6. Adhere to wall, make your bed, and voila! You have a headboard.
I didn't have the foresight to take a pic of the headboard specifically but you can kind of see it?

A few pro tips:
I just repurposed a box I’d used for shipping so I didn’t even have to buy cardboard- it works just as well and is super cheap! Reinforce with some duct tape and you’re good to go.
Fabric stores can be overpriced- I got the fabric for my headboard for about $30 from Ikea and it’s actually fairly heavy cloth and more durable than what you would get for the same price at a fabric store. I even had enough left over to tie around my desk chair to hide the ugly fabric.
If you MUST go to a fabric store, go on their website and check the coupons! Most of them have great deals that you can scan from your phone- believe me, 20% makes a big difference.
Don’t cheap out on your mounting tape- get something that’s heavy duty and will keep your headboard up for the whole year.

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