Monday, June 22, 2015

20 Things for Lexi's 20th!

Today is Lexi's 20th birthday! Sadly we have an entire country between us, but I'm dedicating this post to Lexi herself to tide us over until we get to see each other again in the fall. 

To Lex- I am so beyond happy that out of all the random, awful dorms we could have been placed in we ended up across the hall from each other. You are such a great suitemate, friend, co-blogger, and person. From dragging ourselves to that first football game freshman year to blowing off schoolwork for silo and lying out on the field, the past two years have been amazing. I can't wait to be reunited with you & our fellow beavs and hope you have an amazing birthday!

Even we're not together to celebrate, but here is a list of 20 birthday necessities: recipes, videos, movies, etc. Enjoy!

    Remember in middle school when everyone HAD to wear a crown on their birthday? This version   
    makes a super cute accessory and makes sure the birthday girl is the center of attention. (@Lex, 
    Coachella 2017??)

    Birthdays must be sugar-filled. It's a requirement. Breakfast is no exception, so these pancakes are 
    the perfect way to spoil someone. Seriously, is there anything better than eating birthday cake for 
    breakfast in bed?

    There's no reason to limit cake to, well... the cake. If you're already having funfetti pancakes, might 
    as well make your head smell like cake too. 

    I'm on a roll here. Just go with it.

    Why limit the party to just a flower crown? Double up on the tiaras. You deserve it. 

    This is still one of the best birthday-related movies ever. If you haven't seen it, please come out 
    from under that rock & stream it immediately.

    Packed party is THE cutest idea ever and their 'birthday beb'  package is no exception- the perfect 
    way to spoil someone long-distance. 

    I've been seeing such cute birthday candles at random stores around town. Lex and I really like the 
    blush/gold theme, so how cute would these gold ones be on a pink ruffle-y cake?

    Speaking of which... I guess a non-ruffle one is fine too but seriously, how great is this? 

    Like a candle that smells like birthday cake because then it will smell like your birthday for months 
    to come. A gift that keeps on giving. 

    Another birthday movie for the ages. Apparently they now have a fun & flirty edition so grab 
    some razzles, crank the Pat Benatar, and get ready to fall in love with Mark Ruffalo. 

    If you're crafty, you could probably make this yourself but I'm all about convenience and this one 
    is so cute. 

13. Bath Bombs 
    I have a moderate to severe obsession with Lush's bath bombs and this set comes in adorable box 
    that says happy bathday so I think it is entirely necessary.

    Technically this one is called 'hen party' which is more bachelorette than birthday, but it still has 
    party in the name so it's necessary for the birthday girl.

    Much like a buzzfeed quiz that pops up on your Facebook newsfeed, this birthday color chart is 
    irresistible. Does your birthday color mean anything? Probably not, since I didn't even know 
    birthday colors were a thing before seeing it, but now I want to know what mine is anyway.

    You need a card, so why not make it one with a Corgi that says "Go shorty, it's your birthday". This 
    may be the most necessary item on this list. 

    Harney & Sons has amazing blends so I'm sure this is no exception. Besides, the tin is so cute 
    that it's basically necessary just for that. 

    Because giant balloons are better than regular balloons and everyone knows that balloons are 
    necessary on birthday. 

    You haven't lived until you've had Milk Bar's cake truffles. Send with a bottle of cereal milk mix to 
    wash it down and you've got a perfect gift. 

20. "Birthday" by Katy Perry
    Do I even have to explain this one?

Yasi "missing Lex a lot right now"

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